Sometimes I'd like to ask God why He allows poverty, famine and injustice when He could do something about it. But I'm afraid He might ask the same of me.

Friday, July 10, 2009

• More Friends •

Today was a trip to the airport to pick up some friends of the mission. :o) Dale, Keith and John came to Missouri for a visit with Dr. J, Diane and others of us that have been touched by Life Connection in our area.

It was so nice to meet these three gentlemen (even if poor Dale slept all the way back to town from the airport...under the weather I think would have been an understatement for his day). Tonight they visit with the medical team members at Diane's house for a short dinner, tomorrow is a bbq for the rest of us Haiti lovers! ;o) Lots of pictures tomorrow, I'm sure, and blog love to come. I just wish Taylor and Kelsey were home to visit and meet everyone. I know Taylor is upset she is missing the new friends since she's away in Washington again.

I must admit our ride home was a 'mini-adventure' though. Taking time to stop in the Amish community on our way. Dale still napping and Keith and John up for anything. We visited the vegetable market for fresh produce, stopped at the dairy and cheese factory, as well as a small local grocery store. It's a new experience for the fellows from the east and I'm sure a big difference in cultural differences from Haiti. John is Roberto's dad (remember our wonderful host on our trip?). We shared many stories of our memories from Haiti and it was just a welcome change to be in their presence. I can't wait till tomorrow to hear and share in everyone's stories of the mission.

I pray that their visit and experience here will bless them each in their own way, and that they will have safe travels as they head back home to the east and to Haiti on their next trip (which I hear is VERY soon!). :o)

They will be visiting Dockery Chapel on Sunday morning to conclude their visit if anyone wants to say hello and welcome them!

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