Sometimes I'd like to ask God why He allows poverty, famine and injustice when He could do something about it. But I'm afraid He might ask the same of me.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

• Time For Friends •

This weekend we got to meet Dale, Jon and Keith. Dale is the founder of Life Connection Mission, Keith is a mission director and is an incredible singer and guitar player (we got to hear a bit of his music from his CD that was recorded for the mission), and Jon works with Dale and helps with the mission. Jon is originally from Haiti and his son Roberto was one of our guides and host on our trip there.

What a treat to meet these three men. Total strangers one day, and they feel like family the next. Sometimes I find it incredible that so many people can have a heart and a passion for the same thing yet lead very separate lives. But when they come together it's like a family reunion. Talking about the country, the people, the mission. We enjoyed a bar•b•que at Diane's house Saturday night with guests from Chillicothe that participate in the mission as well as Dr. J and his wife Chris from Trenton. Sunday morning Dale and Keith attended church with us at Dockery Chapel and Jon went with Dr. J and Chris to their church.

Our kids were all away on weekend visits and were upset they didn't get to be here. Taylor was determined to make it back in time to meet them. She was excited (even if she was too exhausted to show it!) lol. She flew back from Washington and rode home just in time to hop in the van 15 minutes later only to drive right back to the airport, just to meet and visit with these three new friends.

Jon was just as excited to meet Taylor I think as she was to meet him. He hopped out of the van at our house and said he wanted to be the first to meet her. I think Roberto has shared stories of our visit with our friends. ;o)

I want to thank Diane for being our hostess this weekend. Thanks Chris and Dr. J for our visit to your home when dropping the guys off, and thanks to Dale, Keith and Jon for sharing and coming to see all of us this weekend. I hope you enjoyed your brief stay as much as we all enjoyed having you. And, as Taylor said to Jon when we left "We hope to see you soon in Haiti!" (except she said it in Creole... smartellic little thing. ;o) lol

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